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New album OUT NOW: Jochen Tiberius Koch presents "Freund -Last Fragments-"

“Freund Hein -last fragments-” is the new album by German pianist and composer Jochen Tiberius Koch. The work is available on all digital streaming platforms and CC.


Description of the work:

Death is the permanent, irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. The eternal dualism…dawn and dusk; both belongs to each other. Decease will be our last and most reliable companion. It´s anyones peak, so it´s important to understand; to deal with it. "Freund Hein“ is a german allegorical paraphrase for the death. Which is supposed to represent how self-evident and inevitablethis progress is and there is no reason to fear the end, since it´s peaceful, silent and harmonious will be. Jochen Tiberius Koch draws tranquil, gentle melancholy acoustic fragments, sketches last reflections of being.


The artist

In Leipzig, Germany based composer and musician. Devotee of sound and acoustic textures. Tries to tell narratives in a musically way. Loves all frequencies. His music consists with bewilderment and harmony, and brings pleasurable melancholy.



1. Agape Yukon Massacre (with Sven Glatzmaier) 2. Gleichnis des Hein 3. Cambrian Shankha Monolith 4. Apnoe 5. Liturgie in Brokat

6. Beringstrasse (with Sven Glatzmaier)

7. Sophisticated excommunication

8. / 9. Obol / Moritat des Charon

10. Last Chord

11. Requiem / Serotonin

12. Limbic discharge



All music by: Jochen Tiberius Koch

Words and voice by: Sven Glatzmaier

Recorded by: Yussuf Fritzl and Jochen T Koch at Frogmore Stewdio Copenhagen in autumn and winter 2021

Consulting by: Ian Wrong at

Recording engineer: David Masseltoff

Mastered by: Ralf Zuckowski

Cover picture by: Sven Glatzmaier (

CD Artwork by: BeatArt


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