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La Blue Spiral Records lancerà il nuovo progetto benefico “Uto’Pians IV"


International artists for a common cause!

Blue Spiral Records is proud to announce the launch of the new charity project “Uto’Pians vol.4”

“Uto’pians” is a piano collection consisting of compositions by composers from all over the world. Now in its fourth edition, the artists were chosen by the curator Jordane Tumarinson.


Here are his words on this project:

“Utopians” was born to support the wonderful work these organizations have been doing for years. Here are Jordane Tumarinson’s words on this project: «as an artist and sensitive, i am amazed by the nature and in our current context, I think it could be a good thing to participate in its preservation. We all participate in our own way, and it can be a way more: to conjugate music and nature. This project is to federate composers around a common cause, discover each other and maybe become friends. So i found the word: “Uto’pians” for the album, an utopian is a dreamer (today we need dreamers like us) who believe in harmony with society and with nature. Also, it is a game of words with pians: piano.»


These are the composers involved in the project:

Annasara Lundgren

Ben Crosland

Charlotte Reinhard

Bon Coeur

Élodie Sablier


George Denis

Josh Kramer

Kezia Tomsett

Marika Takeuchi

Monika Deja

Tim Linghaus

Raphael Eligoulachvili

Simon Leoza

Wilson Trouvé & Jordane Tumarinson


At this link you can read informations about the artists:

“Uto’pians vol.4” will be released on all major music streaming platforms on March 21, 2023


On our website you can also pre-save the upcoming singles

Here you can listen to “Uto’pians vol.1”

“Uto’pians vol.2”

“Uto’pians vol.3”

Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame. ― Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man


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